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Number one: 12345
Number two: 12345-2
Number three: 12345-3
MyBikeNumber ID: 0088620621
Manufacturer: white label
Date when purchased: 01.01.2010
Purchased: private
Secured by: Kryptonite
Insured with: Allianz

Possession status:

This bike was stolen!!!
Date when stolen: 23.12.2010
Reward: 5,- $
Crime Scene: Berlin

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Security-Label for your Bike

Print a sticker for your bike and show that you had registered your bicycle. And make possible for someone to contact you and find your bicycle at this page!

Label Options:


Handlebars ? : 12345 (white label)
Stem ? : 12345 (white label)
Fork front ? : 12345 (white label)
Suspension FF ? : 12345 (white label)
Suspension SR ? : 12345 (white label)
Treadle ? : 12345 (white label)
Saddle ? : 12345 (white label)
Swing AR ? : 12345 (white label)
Hubs rear ? : 12345 (white label)
Derailleur rear ? : 12345 (white label)
Battery (e-bikes) : 12345 (white label)


Country: Germany
City: North Babylon

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This is our MyBikeNumber Tour Bicycle. Its an example for a registered bike.

Das ist unser MyBikenumber Tour-Rad. Es ist ein Beispiel für ein registriertes Fahrrad.

Crime Scene shown on a Google Map

Date when stolen: 23.12.2010
Reward: 5,- $
Crime Scene: Berlin

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