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Number one: WOW15821PSKL
MyBikeNumber ID: 0179014941
Manufacturer: CUBE
Date when purchased: 08.04.2016
Purchased: private
Secured by: Abus

Possession status:

This bike was stolen!!!
Date when stolen: 14.04.2017
Crime Scene: Leipzig Augustusplatz 8

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Country: Germany
City: Leipzig

Cube Cross Pro 2016

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Silver Cross Pro 2016 by Cube, with green accents was stolen between 9:45 and 12:25 am from the bike racks at the back of Leipzig Gewandhaus. Secured with Pitclocks on both wheels, saddle and handlebar and an Abus Bordo. The bike was registered by the German Police. The bike had a black Rockshox front fork at the time of theft. If you come across this frame number, please let me know. Thanks!

Crime Scene shown on a Google Map

Date when stolen: 14.04.2017
Crime Scene: Leipzig Augustusplatz 8

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