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Number one: WOW05224BTHL
MyBikeNumber ID: 9098936941
Manufacturer: CUBE
Date when purchased: 02.11.2016
Purchased: Dealer
Store Address: 54-150, Wrocław, ul. Pilczycka 57

Possession status:

This bike was stolen!!!
Date when stolen: 31.05.2017
Reward: To negotiate
Crime Scene: Wrocław, ul. Maślicka 2D

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Country: Poland
City: Wroclaw

CUBE Analog

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PL: Czarno-niebieski rower z przednim i tylnym światłami, kupiony w IM MOTION. Hamulec przedni i tylny tarczowe. Na prawym uchwycie kierownicy są lekkie uszkodzenia. Posiada nóżkę. Korby rowerowe SHIMANO, srebrnego koloru. Wzdłuż prawej korby jest smuga pzetarcia.


EN: Black and blue bike with forward and backward lights, was bought in im-motion.pl bike store. On the right bar of the handlebars there are light damages. Has SHIMANO cranksets. of the silver color. On the right crankset. Along the right crank there is a stripe of abrasion

Crime Scene shown on a Google Map

Date when stolen: 31.05.2017
Reward: To negotiate
Crime Scene: Wrocław, ul. Maślicka 2D

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