FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the service really free of charge?

Yes! The service www.mybikenumber.com ist totaly free of charge. There are no hidden costs.

Where can i find my bike frame number?

Normally the bike frame number is under the bottom bracket. Maybe you will find more than one. Then save all in the field 'more numbers'.

Where are the frame and component numbers - example graphic

Possible framework bodies and components with serial and frame numbers

Where can i find the link to my bike?

Please log in. In the account, you can find the direct link to your bike profile.

I found a stolen bike! What's the next step?

You can sign up and get in touch with the person who registered the bike. We have implement an private messages system.

My bike was stolen! Whats next?

Register your stolen bike. Complicate thieves the resale. Maybe someone will check it.

How can i check if a bike was stolen?

It is easy. When you will buy a bike on an online market place, get in touch with the reseller an ask him for the frame number an check on www.mybikenumber.com, if the bike is registered. When it is registered, check the status button.